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Homeschooling has been around for many years and has become more popular in recent years. Homeschool traditionally means that children are educated at home by their own parents . Many parents find tutors to help support the work they are doing. Those parents who cannot homeschool but are looking for a simliar approach have turned to what are called Tutor Centres. This kind of approach to learning will appeal to parents who want an education based on religious beliefs, for children with chronic illnesses or simply for parents that are not satisfied with mainstream education.

How to use our Homeschools Directory

You will find homeschooling institutions and support services divided into the areas of Gauteng, such as Johannesburg , Pretoria, East Rand, West Rand and Midrand. You may also narrow down your search by clicking on the suburb search button to find Tutor Centres or homeschool support in a specific suburb near you.

What’s the difference between a cottage school and homeschooling?

Cottage schools are not homeschools. The SA Schools Act specifies that home education only applies where each child is educated in his or her own home. A cottage school is therefore a private, independent school operating on premises other than that of a residence. With cottage schools, learners are not registered as homeschoolers but the cottage school itself needs to be registered as such to be operating legally. Please ensure that the tutorial centre or cottage school you choose is fully registered and compliant with all legalities.

What curriculum do homeschoolers follow?

Homeschools choose what they feel is the best curriculum for the children. It could be the government approved CAPS curriculum, Cambridge syllabus or something completely different and non-traditional. Some schools may offer specific therapies and interventions for special needs of the children. You will also find extra murals for homeschooled kids which will help them socialise with other children.

homeschooling resources in Gauteng

You will find resources for homeschooling tutors and parents in this directory with companies offering learning material, exam facilitation, teaching aids and more.

Begin your search

It may be overwhelming going through all these listings and trying to decide which the best is for your child. Or if homeschooling is something you wish to embark on. By clicking on the name of each company or homeschool you will get more in depth information and contact details to help you feel more informed.

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