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Find schools in Ferndale. You will find lists of preschools, primary schools and high schools as well as alternative schools and homeschools in a suburb convenient to you. There are also different government and private schools, schools for special needs kids and child-centred learning centres. We've also provided you with school terms for 2019 so you can plan those school holidays right away! For school holidays in 2019, click here.

Randburg Library
Public library providing children's books and art/reading competitions and activities.
Crest Academy
Crest Academy is an educational centre which offers a supported mainstream academic education f...
From 13 - 18 yrs old
Ferndale Nursery School Reviews
Nursery school, early childhood development, creche, preschool, grade 0, GED, Randburg, Ferndal...
From 1 - 6 yrs old
Ferndale Recreation Centre
Ballet, modern dancing and pottery classes.
From 3 yrs old