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Nowadays, many children don't seem to cope well in mainstream schools and may just need a different approach to really be the best learners they can be. Many alternative private schools have been established to offer your child a learning experience that suits their specific needs. Forward thinking, innovative, emotionally supportive and non-traditional are some of the words used to describe these unconventional schools. For children that are ADHD, lateral thinkers, highly energetic, gifted or even kids that have learning difficulties and need remedial help, you'll find a school that's appropriate to you and your family in Roosevelt Park here.

Begin your search below with our comprehensive list of alternative private schools and take the time to understand what each school offers.

Bright Horizons Learning Academy Reviews
Full time homeschool for grades 4-7. Small classes. One-on-one learning. Impaq syllabus. Islami...
From 10 - 13 yrs old