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Find kids party entertainment or corporate events entertainers for any function in Gauteng. Whether it’s magicians, clowns, face painters, animals, musicians, dancers or puppeteers you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

How to use the party entertainers page?

“My birthday wishes: I wish to ride a unicorn with my friends, I wish to laugh with the clowns, I wish to dance to the beat,I wish to paint our faces, I wish to have a real live magic show!”.. Whatever your wish, click on the blue tabs on these pages to find competitive rates and ideas from a list of companies – bringing the party to you, and making your wishes come true.

“I wish... to have a fancy dress party with a real live visit from....”

Dream a dream, and then live your fantasy party! Invite the kingdoms to your royal celebration, or have them come in capes for some Superhero fun. Character and dress-up parties give wings to your imagination and make every fairytale dream come alive. This page lists companies that hire out dress-up costumes and allow you a few hours of entertainment with your favourite personality/ character – in real life Mum!

“I wish... to laugh aloud with a clown.

A jest, a tickle, a tummy roll of laughter... an endless day of joy, laughs and funny tricks. Bringing a clown to the party lightens up the mood for some and even brings out the clown in you. With some forethought and a few red noses for all the guests you could even change the mood of the apprehensive toddlers. Combined with balloon modelling, this imaginative entertainment spells fun for all. Stop clowning on clowns/balloon modelling to find your funny side. Oh! And make sure the toilets are case you need to let go...

“I dance to the tunes of fun...”

Get upbeat and “withit” mum.. forget the 80’s and get grooving with your kid to the latest tunes. Crack those stiff muscles, loosen up and chill as you watch dancers of any style entertain your kids, and teach them a thing or two. Pick your pick on the dancers tab : Hip hop, breakdance, slowdance, freestyle, kids classes, jazz, tap, broadway, latin, ballroom, belly, contemporary, showdance.. Then get on with the moves.

“I wish... to colour up my face, and yours!.. or even play with henna”

Sparkling faces, animated eyes, pouting mouths, big ears, red noses and even carnivorous teeth – face painters have been gifted to make every face fit for the party. Kids and adults love some dreamy artwork on their faces for parties – and will often look for a painter to help them show their support at a football, rugby or cricket game. Paint their dreams by finding the best suitable face painter or even henna tattoo artist for a more permanent fix!

“I wish... to live in a magical world”

Step into a world of magic as you watch in awe at the latest trick. Or are you inquisitive enough to figure out the magicians stick? Seeing is believing – dial up the magic numbers on the magicians tab to bring on the wonder, entertaining your guests for hours. Is he gifted or is this a learned trick? Let’s settle it now.

“I wish... to sing my heart out with some real loud music”

From real live bands to DJ hire, almost every teen and tween wants to have some sort of rhythm and rhyme at their party. With sound checks in order..and a collection of albums you can find the right sort of music entertainer for your singing child!

“I wish... to fascinate my kids in a world of tales”

A little mini world of marionettes, finger puppets, and others will not only keep the kids enthralled for hours but will also lend a lesson or two. Think small.. think mini.. think fairytales and storytelling... now think big and click on the puppets or storytelling tabs to find calm, intriguing and even educational entertainment for your kid or school.

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If you can wish it, you can have it! Once you have decided what sort of entertainment will tickle your fancy, you're a click away from the fairy wand. Click on the tab, then browse through the range of listers to compare rates, availability and services. Bring on the party
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