Jumping castles and inflatables for hire in Gauteng.

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Here you go! Find jumping castles for hire in all shapes, sizes and colours in Gauteng. From kids party needs to corporate requirements, browse our list of companies to find exactly what you need for the event that you are organising.

How to use the Jumping Castles directory

It’s quite simple – First select one of the areas above- either in all areas Gauteng, Johannesburg, Pretoria, East Rand or West Rand. Once you click on an area a list of companies specilsing in renting all variety of inflatables will appear. The area each company services appears under its name. One may choose a business closest to the venue so as to minimise delivery charges, or browse through each company to find a specific jumping castle or inflatable. Click on the blue title, contact and order! And don’t forget to mention Jozikids.

“Keep the kids busy” Jumping Castles for hire

These castles are almost a norm at any birthday party, or family event. They range from mini castles to ball ponds and can be themed for boys or girls. Superheroes and dreamy princesses, there’s a castle and world of imagination waiting for you. Almost every planner will need to hire a jumping castle – to keep the kids busy while the adult activities go on. These are inexpensive to hire, always come with delivery and set-up, need minimal electricity and can be found just about everywhere in Gauteng. Along with the balloons on the neighbours gate, when you see the colourful inflatable taking shape from your window – know there’s a party and you’re not invited- or have you checked your mail?

“Big Splash” Water Slides for hire

When the invite does come with a “bring along a cozzie” footnote, there’s bound to be a water slide. Foam, soap suds, water and mud – isn’t that what fun is all about? The Slip and Slide, or water slide hire, makes for great entertainment for both adults and kids. It’s also a great way to turn your backyard into a memorable party venue. If you have space, soap, sun, and a hose – you’re in the win for a Big Splash! Bring on the Summer – anytime of the year.

Dodge, Jump, Kick or Run – Inflatable Obstacle Courses for hire

Ever looked outside the office window and imagined the parking lot to be a soccer arena? Or a go-kart course? Or even one of those inflatable whack out things you see on TV? Ideal for team building or family fun days at schools and office parks, these obstacle courses can be hired anywhere in Gauteng. Now adults can be kept busy too!

Big. Gigantic , Enormous - Gladiator Inflatables for hire

Keep the Fear Factor ratings rolling with these huge inflatables. Almost as huge as the school buildings themselves or the office park – these gigantic slides keep the adrenalin rushing and the kids climbing and sliding for hours. Although it’s a little more tedious to set-up and requires a little more thought process in terms of space, cost and electricity – if there’s a crowd and a need to make a Wow statement, or a special treat, then there’s definitely no reason why one shouldn’t consider this. Think Big! Look Big!

Begin the Search

By now, you should have an idea of the type of entertainment you require. Browse through the listings above to search for what makes you jump... and find a company that has the right jumping castle for hire.
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