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There are always more than one way to treat yourself and your children. Why not opt for something alternative? You'll find alternate healers/practitioners that help and treat kids and adults with emotional stress, trauma and more in Gauteng.

Masilana MV Physiotherapy
Qualified physiotherapist dealing with Pre & Post Operation Therapy, Geriatric Therapy, Children Therapy, Chronic Pain, Stress Management, Sports Therapy, Chest Physio, COVID Rehabilitation
All ages
Nikki Temkin Functional Health & Wellness Coach
Wellness and Health coach. I assist individuals suffering from anxiety, stress, burnout and fertility issues to feel vibrant, balanced and resilient.
From 16 yrs - All ages
Way 2 Wellness
Yoga classes for kids. Portable ozone therapy sauna assists with health, weight loss, severe illness and more.
OpenEnergy - InnerGrace
Cranio Sacral Therapy for All Ages - Cranio Sacral Therapy is a therapy of touch, a light, gentle, quiet and calming session for the body.
From Birth - All ages

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