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Swimming is an essential skill

Swimming lessons may just be the most popular extra mural for children and for good reason too. Every year, approximately 600 children die from drowning in South Africa. Thatís a staggering figure and one that can definitely be reduced. With the beautiful South African climate, you will find swimming lessons on offer throughout the year.

Begin your search

Click on the "search by suburb" above to find a swim lessons at a suburb near you. You can also scroll down the page to see a complete list of swim schools. Clicking on the listing itself will give you details about what each swim school offers plus contact details.

Swimming lessons for babies to adults

Swimming and water safety is not only an essential life skill but is excellent for fitness and well being of children and adults alike. It gives parents great peace of mind knowing that their child is safe around the pool or at the beach. Swimming lessons are offered from as young as little babies to adults at various levels of learning.

The benefits of swimming lessons

are numerous but the most important few are:
- It promotes good development of muscles and joints. This is good for children with low muscle tone.
- Swimming improves co-ordination which in turn helps with other tasks every day.
- Swimming is also great for kids with special needs or disabilities as it is weightless and has less impact on the joints of the body.
- It increases fitness levels so can assist children who play other sports to up their game!
- Swimming can be soothing and therapeutic for children with injuries.

How to find the right swim school

There are many swim schools to choose from, probably a few in your own suburb. Perhaps the best way to find a good swim school for your child is to talk to other parents in your area. The school must be a caring and nurturing environment where your child is happy. Some kids may be fearful of the water at first and a good swimming instructor will help to break that fear easily, in a gentle way.

Other considerations are that the swim school must be properly accredited with the relevant bodies. Swimming instructors should be certified in first aid and CPR as well. The environment where the pool is situated ought to be child-friendly, clean and easy for children to change in or go to the loo. Check also to see how your child feels in the water and if the temperature is right for him or her. Indoor heated pools may work well for sensitive children who donít take well to cold water. Swimming instructors must give proper attention to all the swimmers in the pool at all times.

Adults will also find swim schools that teach adult swimming lessons, classes for moms with babies or water aerobics classes. Swimming proves to be great for fitness in adults and offers low impact workouts for adults of all ages. Adults that can swim but need stroke correction can also sign up for lessons. Swimming lessons are usually structured to teach basic swimming techniques first and then to build up to stroke correction and training. Kids that love the water and swimming may continue with lessons well into adulthood and can also participate in competitive swimming galas and competitions.

Some swim schools may also offer water safety lessons for domestic workers, caregivers and childminders. With so many South Africans having pools at home, water safety for all in important and knowledge about what to do if someone is drowning is crucial.

Certain swim schools may offer swimming parties. These are fun and stimulating venues for active parties that will keep them busy.
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