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Gymnastics is an amazing, energetic and fun way to keep kids moving and developing healthily. Find gymnastics classes and schools for toddlers, kids, teens and adults in Gauteng here. Being your search by scrolling down to browse the list of schools. Click on the blue company name to find contact and other details. You can also search by suburb by clicking on the arrows above. Good luck in your search

Visions Gymnastics
Johannesburg; West Rand
Competitive & non-competitive artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics & trampoline for girls and boys. Fully equipped training facility.
From 6 mnths old
Gold Reef Rhythmic Gymnastics
Johannesburg; West Rand
Rhythmic gymnastics for girls.
From 4 yrs - All ages
Flipflop Gymnastics Reviews
Pretoria / Tshwane; Johannesburg; East Rand / Ekurhuleni; West Rand; Vaal Triangle / Sedi...
We offer Gymnastics classes for boys and girls of all ages, we do Gymnastics Parties and Corporate Team Building for businesses. We also cater for special needs development. We are Covid Friendly!
From 2 yrs - All ages
Johannesburg Gymnastics Centre (JGC)
Artistic gymnastics club offers gymnastics classes from the beginner levels, right through to the Olympic level.
From 2 yrs - All ages
TL Fusion Gymnastics
Gymnastics program for toddlers, kids and teens, enhances fitness, coordination and movement
From 1 - 18 yrs old
Eagles Tumbling Club
East Rand / Ekurhuleni
Tumbling and gymnastics from Tumbling Tots right up to Protea level
From 1 yr - All ages
Resilience Gymnastics Club
Gymnastics for fun and competition for boys and girls-Artistic and rhythmic, tumbling, kick boxing also offered
From 3 yrs - All ages

Gymnastics improves your child's health and fitness level

Getting your child involved in gymnastics classes will improve your their wellbeing in many ways. Gymnastics involves controlled movements, fitness training and requires use of many muscles in the body. The sport evolved from exercises used by ancient Greeks to mount and dismount their horses as well as from circus performance skills.

Gymnastics lessons and tumbling classes prove to be valuable in the following ways:

- Kids learn the value of discipline, commitment and work ethic.
- Gymnasts become stronger through regular working out, which assists in the development of muscles, better balance, and great posture.
- Gymnastics is a weight-bearing activity which can develop strong and healthy bones.
- Children become more agile, flexible, toned and fit with regular gymnastics training.
- Gymnastics is great for kids with ADHD.
- Kids develop good social skills from interacting with other children and their coaches.
- Gymnastics requires and teaches discipline and helps to improve self-confidence.
- Promotes and develops special awareness in toddlers.

Gymnastics coaching is great for both girls and boys

You will find a variety of gyms and recreation centres that offer gymnastics classes at all levels. Younger children absolutely love gymnastics and tumbling classes as they do not feel like they are exercising at all. There are many companies that travel to preschools as well to offer gymnastics and tumbling as an extra mural after the school day. Enquire from them directly to find out if they would be willing to come to your preschool.


Gymnastics competitions are usually held once a year and this is a time of great excitement with the kids. Children and their coaches get a chance to display what they have learned through the year, sometimes in costume as well. As kids advance in their level of training, they may find that they enjoy gymnastics thoroughly which could lead to professional training and participation. How awesome!

For adults?

Gymnastics is also great to increase fitness and flexibility for adults. Many of us do not realise how out of shape we are until we need to cartwheel with our kids or feel joint pains after a day playing with the children! Gymnastics for adults is sure to have you feeling healthier, stronger and ready to climb a mountain in no time. Check which listed company offers classes for adults.

Remember to enquire about fees and possible competition fees for the year. Also ask if there are special gymnastics costumes or leotards. By clicking on the - search by suburb - button above you will find gymnastics classes in your selected suburb. Alternatively scroll the list below to see what each company offers. You will get all their contact details by clicking on the blue name of the company or recreation centre.

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