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Dance lessons are fun & energetic!

As we all know, dance is a form of expression. For kids, this means that it’s an outlet where they can express their emotions and feelings as well as have a great time doing it. Find a range of different dance styles which you can choose from for yourself or your child here.

Dance can be social or professional

Dance is not limited to people who want to become professionals; anyone can learn to dance any of the many rhythms, variations and at any moment of our lives. Of course, if a child is excelling and enjoying it, there is an option to continue to professional level. Dance classes offer a liberating experience and can assist children who are shy or withdrawn too. We have an extensive list of various styles of dance lessons to choose from including hip hop, modern, jazz, ballet, ballroom, Spanish, freestyle, tap, Indian ,belly dancing and so much more.

Dance lessons are great at any age for many reasons

Some of these are:
- Kids learn the value of discipline, commitment and work ethic.
- Self-confidence is boosted especially when the child learns to master technique and overcome goals set.
- Children learn about music and rhythm and make use of both sides of their brain when dancing. This helps with academic performance as well.
- Studies have shown that dancing gives adolescent girls better capabilities to handle issues facing them at their age.
- Keeping fit. Dancers need to be fit to be able to master the moves they make.
- Dancing also improves flexibility and agility.
- Dance lessons teach children valuable life skills such as taking turns, sharing attention and working in teams.

Boys also benefit from dance classes as it improves their physical abilities in other sports too. Dance and music releases feel-good hormones and who doesn’t like to shake to a good song! So it’s not only good for your physique but for your mental health as well. Adults may feel young again by moving and mastering complex dance moves. Imagine being able to dance your heart out at a family function where everyone is surprised! Dance is an art which is learned from many cultures and so teaches children about different cultures.

Dance competitions

Dance studios may teach solely for extra mural purposes but may also teach at a competitive level. Dance competitions can be fun and exciting for the kids and parents alike. Dance performances are the highlight of the year that many kids work hard for and look forward to.

Remember to enquire about all the dance apparel you would need for your child and if there are any further costs involved for exams or performances before making your decision to enroll your child. We have a list of Dance supplies to help make your task easier. You’ll find the dance disciplines divided into categories which makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. By clicking on the ‘search by suburb’ button above you will find dance studios and lessons in your selected suburb. Alternatively search by category for a refined search of a particular discipline. Have fun!
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