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Cooking can be fun!

Kids love getting involved and having a sense of responsibility in the kitchen. They can even become a great help when they know a little more about food, cooking and baking. Browse our list below of companies offering cooking or baking classes to kids and adults in Gauteng

Olive Branch Cookery School
Cookery classes, cooking school for kids, adults, housekeepers, birthday parties, corporate events
Cooking Up A Storm Culinary Experiences
Johannesburg; Pretoria / Tshwane; East Rand / Ekurhuleni; West Rand; Vaal Triangle / Sedi...
Mobile cooking/baking parties for kids, cooking/baking classes for kids/moms/nanny’s, corporate team building or culinary sessions to celebrate a special event with family or friends, e.g. birthday, engagement, kitchen tea, anniversary, etc.
From 5 yrs - All ages
Oh Crumbs Reviews
Johannesburg; West Rand; East Rand / Ekurhuleni
Mobile baking & art classes for kids, kids parties, school extra mural classes, corporate functions
All ages
Kids Can Cook Academy SA
Pretoria / Tshwane
Interactive cookie decorating workshops for kids to raise funds for our projects. We also give away Chef parties.
From 4 - 18 yrs old
Passion Cookery School
Cooking classes for kids and adults, baking classes, themed cooking lessons, kids cooking club, couples cooking classes
From 6 yrs - All ages
Little Kitchen
Johannesburg; Pretoria / Tshwane; East Rand / Ekurhuleni; West Rand; Vaal Triangle / Sedi...
Virtual cooking workshops and cooking parties for kids. Enjoy the kitchen with your little one for quality time together, for parties and playdates.
From 2 - 12 yrs old
Little Chefs Club Reviews
West Rand
Kiddies Cooking/Baking Activities, Saturday Workshops, Birthday Parties, Holiday Workshops
From 4 - 15 yrs old
Aniki's Kitchen
West Rand
Little Chef's parties, cooking classes for children, domestic workers and adults.Teambuilding and parties.
From 4 yrs - All ages
Bakeology Studio
Culinary school in patisserie, baking and sugar craft decoration. We offer baking classes for kids and adults

Calling all young budding Masterchefs!

Being in the kitchen doesn’t only mean getting food prepared. Time spent with your kids in the kitchen can be quality time together and they have much to learn from a simple task such as cooking or baking. Cookery schools and cooking classes offer kids a chance to learn the basics about cooking as well as to be creative with food. You’ll find creative and stimulating cooking and baking classes for kids in Gauteng

More advantages of attending cooking & baking classes

- Kids learn to appreciate the value of food and how not to waste.
- Measurements, methods and techniques give kids important skills that they can use in other areas of their lives too.
- Healthy eating habits are formed.
- Kids are less likely to be fussy eaters because they are exposed to more variety.
- It’s fun, it’s creative, it takes some thought to come up with new ideas.
- Kids experiment with colours, textures and tastes.
- Fine motor skills are developed as they learn to cut, peel, dice and slice and among other things!

Cooking and baking parties

You will find cooking schools that offer their space as a venue for kid’s cooking parties. This is a great way to keep your child and his/her friends engaged in activities that are educational as well as fun. Kids usually make something and can take it home too so your party favour is sorted too! Cooking and baking parties can be tailored to suit your child’s age and your preference of what you would like them to be involved in doing.

You will also find mobile cooking and baking services where the company will come to you for any special occasion including parties, school events, market days and more.

Some of these cookery schools also offer their services for adult and domestic worker cooking classes. You may also click here to find more cooking and baking classes.

Cooking holiday clubs

Browse through the listings above to see which cooking schools offer holiday clubs as well.

Begin your search

If you would like to find cooking and baking classes for kids in your suburb or an area close to you, then start by clicking on the search by suburb button above. Or you may want to see all the cooking schools we have in our directory, in which case you may scroll through the list above. You will notice that the area they operate in is listed under the name of the school so this helps too. Click on the name of the company to find out more about what they offer. Happy cooking!

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