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You will find private coaching in chess as well as group classes in Gauteng. There are also beginner to advanced chess lessons for all ages. To find one in your suburb, click on the search by suburb button above, alternatively you could scroll through the list and have a look at whats on offer. Clicking on the blue name of each company will give you more information about the company and their contact details.

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Chess lessons for all ages

Parents don not think of chess as an extra mural for their children often enough. Usually the first thought that comes to mind when choosing extra murals, is sport. But mentally challenging extra murals are also great for kids of all ages and chess is one such activity. Kids as young as 5 can start learning to play chess and you will find chess clubs in Gauteng that offer these chess lessons.

Mental exercise contributes greatly to the development of growing children.

Kids may experience problems such as loss of concentration, forgetfulness and mental numbness if they do not effectively use their mental capacities. Exercising various parts of the brain improves these symptoms as the child becomes engaged in activities that sharpen the mind. Research also suggests that engaging in mental exercise such as playing chess reduces the risk of Alzheimers and other mental disorders.

Chess lessons have many benefits, including:

- Chess improves critical thinking skills of an individual, both young and old.
- Children learn to strategise and plan as they think of their next move.
- Playing chess is excellent for the improvement of the memory.
- As with most extra murals, engagement in playing chess develops self-confidence which is a valuable trait for working adults.
- Playing chess can lead to better academic results in children.
- Kids learn to assess situations before making any decisions. Such an exercise provides mental clarity to the child.
- Solving problems, research, analysis are all typically learned by chess players of all ages.
- Chess playing promotes logical thinking and discipline in all aspects of life.

Chess may seem daunting to anyone that has never played it.

You will find chess clubs that offer chess lessons at various levels. At younger levels, some chess clubs have exciting programs to help children learn the basic rules of the game. They would also coincidentally learn math, logical thinking skills and creativity of thought.

Chess tournaments are offered by the various chess clubs which means your child learns to thrive in a competitive environment. Kids will look forward to the challenge of a chess game after having practiced for a while. Together with the tournaments, chess clubs offer chess competitions and challenges to keep things interesting.

Chess products

Most chess clubs also stock and supply what you need to begin playing chess. Chess boards, beginner guides to chess playing, chess sets and clocks can be purchased from most chess clubs. Enquire from the chess club whether there are any additional fees for tournaments or leagues so that you know what your costs are approximately each year.

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