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How to use our Arts and Crafts Directory

Arts and crafts classes are great for children of all ages. Kids learn to express themselves in various ways using different mediums including drawing, painting, canvas work, sketching and more. Art and craft classes are offered in Gauteng at times that will be suitable to parents. Have a look at the extensive list of studios and individuals that offer art classes to see exactly what they each offer. You will also find craft classes including pottery, scrapbooking, sandart, puppetry, beading, textile printing and so much more.

The benefits of teaching your child arts and crafts

- Art promotes creativity. Children will rarely come up with the same idea given a certain topic or task. This shows how art opens minds which in turn help kids in all other areas of learning.
- Art can be an expression of themselves. Often art is therapeutic and may assist children who have been through trauma and difficult times.
- Confidence is developed in children over time as they learn to take pride in their work. Creating something from nothing and perfecting skills will teach children to be confident about their abilities.
- Art and crafts take time and children as well as adults who dedicate their time to art will learn determination and patience. These are life skills that children subconsciously experience through art .

Begin your search

Start by clicking on the area of art that your child is interested in. We have also included the area in which classes occur so you may click on the suburb search above to find something close to you. Holiday programs are often offered as well so Click here to find them.
Visit party themes/craft for a list of companies that specialise in craft parties.
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