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Etiquette training and classes for kids in Gauteng

Looking for etiquette schools for kids in Gauteng? You can look in your suburb or an area close to you, by clicking on the search by suburb button above. Or you may want to see all the etiquette schools and programs we have in our directory, in which case you may scroll through the list above. You will notice that the area they operate in is listed under the name of the school so this helps too. Click on the name of the company to find out more about what they offer. Good luck!

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Lessons in proper etiquette

All parents would agree that good behavior and manners are important to instill in their children from a young age. Not only is it necessary in childhood but it’s something that every person carries with them throughout their lives. Manners play a vital role in guiding children towards social norms as well as acceptable behaviour in various situations. Etiquette lessons empower and guide kids and you will find a number of these schools in Gauteng.

What is an etiquette school or etiquette lessons?

Ever have the situation where you meet friends by chance and you ask your child to say hello to them? And your child refuses! Or you’re at a family function and your child decides to pick his nose at the eating table? Cringe-worthy circumstances that I’m sure any parent can relate to if theearth hasn’t swallowed them up yet!
So simply put, etiquette coaches teach children good manners, respect and social skills. Valuable life skills are also learned that will assist children to cope with situations of stress, pressure, in an emergency or at important gatherings. Naturally you would think that children learn by example and if parents are well-mannered, then kids would be too. This is not always the case and that’s where etiquette schools can help.

So they learn some manners? What else?

Well, there’s more to it than just that. The basis is that of respect, consideration and kindness. Kids also learn about table manners, proper posture, how to talk to adults, to sit properly and general behaviour in everyday situations. Kids develop good social skills and self-confidence to enable them to deal with lifes curveballs.

Is it helpful for teens?

Most certainly. Teenagers will benefit from learning essential communication skills and how to interact socially. Kids are groomed to develop into confident speakers, leaders and well-rounded individuals. Etiquette regarding acceptable behaviour in public or on public platforms is crucial at this stage of life. Mentorship and guidance is given to communities where there is a need to good role models. Programs may include aspects of modelling, personal grooming, financial management and entrepreneurship.

Finishing schools for girls

Girls learn valuable lessons such as how to be graceful, polite and helpful. Growing girls may be introduced to personal grooming advice and chats about social interactions and social media. Good posture, sitting properly and table manners may also be covered.