Entertainment for parties, shows and corporate events in Gauteng


Find entertainment for parties, shows, school or corporate events in Gauteng. Make your function all the more enjoyable for kids and adults alike by enlisting the services of magicians, clowns, face painters, animals, musicians, fire acts, dancers or puppeteers. For an entertaining day or night out, we have theatre productions, musicals, variety shows and amazing music events that will keep you and your family or guests wanting more!

How to use our Entertainment Directory?

We created this resource to help you find the perfect party entertainment for your children’s party, your corporate events or any other special celebration. We are here to help you find the right kind of entertainers to suit your budget and event. The choices are almost endless so we’ve tried to give you some pointers to consider when using the directory, which will hopefully narrow down your search and help you find what you need.

What age is your child and what entertainment will they enjoy?

Of course this would be the first thing to consider. Smaller children are much easier to please with your more typical kind of kid entertainers. These include clowns, balloon modelers, stilt walkers and magicians. Little children will be so amazed by the antics of these entertainers! Magical magicians usually have adults also enthralled and their performances are very interactive so everyone gets to be involved. Magicians have a way of capturing everyone’s attention for non-stop party fun so try it for a corporate event too.

Funny clowns and balloon modelers

Children love watching brightly dressed balloon modelers and amusing clowns being crazy and the expressions on their little faces are priceless. Wide eyes and giggles are guaranteed but do remember that some children are afraid of clowns so be sure to keep everyone happy. Balloon modelers will amaze the kids with stunning tricks and styles of balloons.

Character entertainers

Preschoolers are also big into cool character entertainers as they are at an age where they still believe that they’re real. Imagine your daughter’s face and excitement when she sees Queen Elsa singing at her party, or Moana, Ariel and Barbie. Dressed up and acting like the character these entertainers will have your girls in awe. For boys there are pirates and superheroes and even Barney seems to still be a firm favourite.

Face painters & body art

We have a list of fabulous face painters that are popular with kids of all ages. Temporary tattoos are trendy with teens with options of luminescent and glitter designs too. The usual face paint ideas like animals are fun for the little ones. Hypoallergenic and non-toxic paints mean everyone can enjoy this activity – face painters are perfect for school fetes, market days, mall events and even corporate launches.

Arts and craft parties

Mobile arts and crafts services are perfect for kids that love art. They bring everything you need, setup and clean up after themselves as well so what more could you ask for! Painting, drawing, sand art and especially themed activities won’t only keep the kids busy; it’s an awesome idea for any corporate or school function too.


Puppeteers are an age old style of entertaining children and to this day, it is still engaging. Puppeteers have mastered the art of bringing stories to life and these include ventriloquists too. Educational puppet shows often teach kids valuable lessons.

Rides and games for events

With so many options to choose from and different children to cater for, a safe option may be to hire rides or games. Carousels, go-karts, trains and even a gaming truck for older kids, you’re sure to have an experience that everyone will remember. Old fashioned games also provide hours of fun, the old fashioned way. Virtual reality experiences are pretty cool for teens and tweens.

Fire acts

For adult functions including corporate events, parties, markets and launches you may want to try something daring like fire acts. These guys will captivate their audiences with their stunning fire breathing acts , juggling and poi. Dancers are always entertaining and you’ll find a variety of themed dancers to entertain your guests. Bollywood, belly dancers, ballet, hip hop… the variety is limitless and always pleasurable.

Theatre productions

Children always enjoy theatre productions and musicals. They’ll be captivated by the live entertainment of the theatre , seeing actors on stage performing. Musicals are great fun and you’ll find some drama schools that put together amazing productions for their students each year. We have all the popular theatres and venues listed on the jozikids website so you’ll always know what’s on.

Music for functions

What’s a party without music? You’ll find DJ’s, singers and the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra too. For weddings, adult functions, birthday parties and any celebration really, awesome music entertainers will have everyone dancing, singing and having a great time.

Then there’s the old-favourite: movies. Catch all the latest blockbusters on those rainy days or just for your weekly me-time.

Begin your search

So for all your party and function entertainment, for an event that promises to memorable and for kids that will be ever-so-grateful that you hired the perfect party entertainers, look no further than the jozikids directory!
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