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Exposing children to pets and animals has a positive influence on their development. If you aren’t ready for a pet yet, why not take a day trip to any of the places and zoos with farm and wild animals listed on our site. You’ll find places to visit with birds, petting zoos, elephants, monkeys and more in Gauteng.

How does our day trips directory work?

You may search by suburb by clicking on the drop-down list above. Click on the suburb that interests you or scroll down through the list of animal outing venues available in Gauteng and surrounding provinces not too far away. Click on the blue name of the company to get more information about what they offer.

What makes animal day trip venues so great?

Most kids are simply amazed and in awe of animals (some kids not so much). There’s so much to learn and gain when it comes to various characteristics of animals. Most zoos and venues allow some interaction with the animals in a safe environment. Farm settings are also an advantage to animal outings so you can bring a picnic and make a day of it. Sanctuaries usually have guided tours and structured walk-abouts to educate visitors about the animals they have.

Petting zoos

These are particularly popular with little kids and toddlers. They’ll be delighted to be given a chance to touch and feed the rabbits, goats, chickens, ducks and more. Be sure to take some animal feed with or you may purchase at the venue as well. These zoos and venues often have a nice play area for the kids and can be used for kid’s parties too. You’ll find more animal themed kids party venues listed on our site too.

Birds of a feather…

Did you know that of the approximate 850 recorded bird species in the country, around 725 are resident birds (or, at least, annual visitors)? Birds are fascinating creatures and the exact amount of species in the world is not known as there are so many. South Africa has a beautiful variety of birdlife and avid bird-watchers can attest to wonderful sightings and habits of these little creatures. Colourful, big, small, useful and pesky, you’ll find all these and more at bird parks, zoos and sanctuaries across Gauteng and neighbouring provinces.

Monkeys, vultures, cheetahs and elephants too?

Yes! We are so fortunate to have a country rich in wildlife and more fortunate to be able to interact with them as well. Sanctuaries specifically dedicated to the rescue, release and care of animals have been set up around the country and visitors can delight in getting to know more about certain animals. Be sure to take note of all rules and regulations of these centres as they are quite strict and with good reason.

Animal school outings and zoos

Perfect school outing venues for kids of all ages, animal outing venues offer a great experience for children. The Johannesburg Zoo offers educational school tours and demonstrations as well as different displays from time to time so keep checking on them for something new. The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa or Pretoria Zoo is the largest zoo in the country. They boast the largest number of animals and offer various tours including aquatic, holiday programs, night tours and even a mobile zoo. Check out these and other amazing zoos in Jozi.

Mobile petting zoos and all types of animals

Mobile zoos and animals are a great way to introduce your nursery school kids to animals in an environment that they’re familiar with. Scroll through the listed venues and see if they offer a mobile service as well. Alternatively you can find mobile animal hire for parties and more.

Begin your search

If you’ve landed on this page through an internet search engine, then you’re probable looking for animal day outing venues or zoos to take your kids to. Scroll down the companies listed on this page to find a place you think is interesting. You may also find other day trip venues and places of interest by clicking on the day trips tab. There are many subcategories created to make your search of places to visit in Gauteng easier so have a look through. Remember to review a place that you’ve visited, whether it was a good or bad experience, tell us what you think.
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