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How to use our Cakes and Food Directory?

The task of planning a party can be quite daunting at times. One thing for sure though is that great food makes a great party. The Cake and Food directory will help you explore different options of catering and find food suppliers in Gauteng.

You can order a special cake, some sweet or savoury platters or simply use the home baking food suppliers section to whip up something yourself and if you are unsure how to do this, browse the many cooking and baking classes on offer. Besides parties, the directory also helps you find places that offer health foods and pre-packed lunch boxes and specifically makes mention of some halaal/kosher offerings too.

Order. Collect. Serve

As simple as that. If you have a budget that allows this and time constraints that restrict preparations, this may be the easiest and most hassle free way of filling bellies. Most cake companies in the party food section offer personalised options, for girls and boys, young and old. The ever growing cake industry in South Africa, each cake a masterpiece, leaves one wishing everyday could be a reason to celebrate. Savoury and sweet platters can be ordered at request, and some will leave your guests salivating for more.

Let us get creative and bring in the personal touch

Absolutely nothing can compare to the fulfilling feeling of having whipped up something yourself, nor to the special and warm feelings it leaves in the hearts of the guests. Even the birthday boy/girl would love to show off something his/her Mum or Dad made especially for the day. A list of home baking food suppliers will help you source edible images of your favourite photos, figurines, party favors and all ingredients and products to outdo your own baking skills! Even an amateur can get away with a result looking this professional.

The next Cake Boss? Educate to innovate.

If you would like to enhance your skills and perhaps use this as an investment in yourself for further exotic offerings, Jozikids has a number of cooking and baking classes on offer . Kids and adults can all sign up to learn basic techniques of cake decorating or learn new and interesting ways to present food, and add to your recipe collection.

Fit Food

With all the bantering about banting and the diet trends, traditional catering seems to be taking a back seat. The health conscious guest can now leave the party guilt-free. Many parents would also prefer serving the kids a healthy meal with all the sweets and treats to follow. Visit organic and fresh foods family markets to inspire you with some great alternatives to the traditional party foods.

Food for the diverse South Africa

A proud rainbow nation we are indeed. Amongst the health conscious, traditionalists, and cultured guests you will now find yourself having to cater for religious dietary requirements as well. The halaal and kosher section assists in finding authentic dishes to include these guests in the celebrations.

Nostalgia for all things homemade

Aaah! Now here is a challenge. You would love to come home to the aroma of good food, prepped and ready but, office meetings, kids schedules, coffee dates, gym, and school functions have taken over your life! No need to worry about homemade meals . Erase the guilt and nausea of take-away foods and make sure your belly feels like it has just been fed by Mama, or your ex!

Whats in my Lunchbox?

Peanut butter sandwich again! Jozikids now offers great services that can make every luncbox creative with some food for thought. No more tuck money or endless browsing of aisles for that magic ingredient that will make the family smile, simply order lunch boxes for the week.. and find time for that run in the park.

Let the Search begin

With your party or next meal vision in mind, visit the cakes and food section to explore various outsourced caterers or homemade suppliers, making it a meal fit for a king! With a rumble in the belly, keep this page handy for all those last minute guests, busy days, pre-planned or spontaneous parties.
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