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Little Ashford Preschool Linden


Nursery school, creche, daycare and holiday care in Linden. Every child's dream home away from ...
From 3 mnths - 6 yrs old

Barnswallows Swift Academy


Therapeutic academy for children with special needs. We make use of a variety of therapies, inc...
From 3 - 10 yrs old

Teddy Bears Montessori


Nursery school with personalised curriculum, English, Zulu, Afrik, secure,Halaal meals, transpo...
From 6 mnths - 6 yrs old

Vuleka School

West Rand; Johannesburg

Anglican Diocesan School offering excellent and affordable education.
From 4 - 18 yrs old

Authentic Education


Pre-school Reading lessons, English extra Lessons, Afrikaans extra lessons, primary & high scho...
From 5 - 18 yrs old

Greenside Primary School


Our primary school offers a nursery school with Grade R and Grade RR and grade 1 to 7. We have ...
From 4 - 14 yrs old

Riverstone Village


Self-Directed Education, SDE, Unschooling, alternative, community, nature, play, creative, lear...
From 4 - 18 yrs old

Living Montessori Pre-School


Nursery school providing montessori education, extra murals & half-day or full-day programs for...
From 18 mnths - 6 yrs old

Edu Core Solutions


Tutors in all academic subjects both online and in -person from Grade 2-Grade 12
From 6 - 18 yrs old

Impact Kids


Creche, preschool and community care center servicing those in the Kya Sands area
From 2 - 7 yrs old

ClevaMe Academy


Baby day care centre, nursery school with holiday programmes
From 3 mnths - 5 yrs old

Sugar & Spice Daycare-Sundowner


Daycare and creche in Sundowner - Providing a fun & safe place for little ones age 3 months 4...
From 3 mnths - 5 yrs old

Syllabis Learning


Recognised Schooling Solutions for Grade R - 12. Register today, and start your transition to l...
From 4 - 18 yrs old

Sandra's House Educare


Education center offers home schooling and unschooling for gr. R 12 in all subjects. Sandra h...
From 5 - 18 yrs old

Studio of Learning


Blairgowrie Randburg - An independent learning centre for learners who struggle in a mainstream...
From 6 - 18 yrs old

Eclah Pre-School


Our nursery schools in Johannesburg offer fun interactive lessons with qualitifed teachers plus...
From 1 - 6 yrs old

Achieve with Clare

East Rand / Ekurhuleni; Johannesburg

Private tuition, online tuition, homework supervision and/or childcare services.
From 3 - 15 yrs old

Emmarentia Primary School


Primary school in Emmarentia, Johannesburg offering Grade R to Grade 7
From 6 - 13 yrs old

Synaptic College


Mainstream alternative education facility specialising in array of subjects in a home school e...
From 14 - 18 yrs old

Cornerstone School


Foundation phase school for children with mild developmental delays or difficulties
From 4 - 9 yrs old

Little Ashford Preschool Saxonwold


Nursery school, creche, daycare and holiday care in Saxonwold. Every child's dream home away fr...
From 3 mnths - 6 yrs old

Hannaford Learning Centre


We are a home school centre, alternative learning centre, after care implementing BrainGym and...
From 6 - 13 yrs old

Tutor the Future


Home schooling tutor centre for Grades 4 - 7. Small classes. Individual attention.
From 9 - 14 yrs old

Elite Ballet


Ballet, Dance and Performing Arts inspired school for ages 3-18 years old, including Adult Ball...
From 3 yrs - All ages

St George's Academy


We provide specialised support for learners with barriers to learning and assist in tutoring st...
From 5 - 11 yrs old


Johannesburg; Pretoria / Tshwane; West Rand; East Rand / Ekurhuleni; Vaal Triangle / Sedi...

Online curriculum provider and homeschool support centre. We offer CAPS curriculum to homeschoo...
From 7 yrs - All ages



Mainstream alternative education facility specialising in array of subjects for Gr 8 to 12 lear...
From 6 - 18 yrs old

The Little Ashford Preschool

Johannesburg; West Rand; Pretoria / Tshwane; East Rand / Ekurhuleni

Little Ashford nursery school, creche, daycare and holiday care is every child's dream home awa...
From 3 mnths - 6 yrs old

DawnCroft Ed


Alternative schooling centre which aims to support parents whose children prefer smaller classr...
From 7 yrs - All ages

How to use our Schools Directory

Find schools in Randburg. You will find lists of preschools, primary schools and high schools as well as alternative schools and homeschools in a suburb convenient to you. There are also different government and private schools, schools for special needs kids and child-centred learning centres. We've also provided you with school terms so you can plan those school holidays right away! For school holidays, click here.

What are the different approaches to preschool learning?

Preschools generally accept kids from 4 to 6 years old but with the variety of schools we have on offer, you will find preschools starting from as young as 18 months old. Some of these function as daycare centres as well and offer you aftercare services, for your peace of mind. Most of the preschools or nursery schools have their own curriculum and focus on the idea of having a caring, nurturing environment where kids can enjoy, learn and flourish. They also offer extra murals such as swimming, monkeynastics, Jungle Jive, drama and more.

Since this directory covers the entire Gauteng region, we have divided the nursery school section into areas, so that you can search for a preschool near you in Randburg or Randburg, West Rand, Pretoria/ Centurion or Midrand.
There are a few different approaches to early childhood development so we will touch on a few to help you make your decision.

Montessori preschools

These schools aim to create a calm, child-centered learning environment. The idea is for children to learn individually and at their own pace by moving freely around the room and choosing from a wide range of hands-on, age-appropriate activities that are designed to teach specific skills. The range of Montessori nursery schools in this directory are also varied and you need to enquire directly to find out how each school applies these principles of learning.

The Reggio Emilia approach

This is a child-centred approach to learning and teaching where children learn by experience. The program is based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery.

Primary Schools and high schools

There is an array of private primary schools and high schools aside from government schools in Randburg. Private schools with small classes create an intimate environment where children may have the advantage of being exposed to additional learning material and experiences. Different primary and high schools follow different curricula,
either the prescribed CAPS curriculum, the Montessori approach, blended learning, may involve technology based classes and usually offer extra mural activities.

Alternative schools

Is your child struggling to cope in a mainstream school? We have seen a rise in alternative methods of schooling in South Africa. The common element of these schools is that most of them have small classes and intimate environments where kids can thrive. There are various curricula including the Cambridge system, Impaq, CAPS and even a Finnish model of teaching.


Homeschools or learning centres by definition means a child is taught by their parents or a tutor. The need for these new spaces of learning has emerged in response to a variety of factors including parents dissatisfaction with the methods used at traditional schools or when a cultural or religious group feels discriminated against in a mainstream setting. The need for homeschooling in Randburg has grown enormously in the past couple of years. This schooling environment allows each child to be given individual attention and learn at their own pace.

Several other alternative options

A cottage school takes place in a small school setup with a chosen curriculum. Distance learning is online education for home-based study which includes support for learners.

For schools that focus on specific arts such as dance, drama, music or art you can find performing arts schools in Randburg.

Parents that need a school for a special needs child, we have a list of 30 special needs schools that assist and care for kids with downs syndrome, autism, hearing impaired, disabilities and more.

What about extra lessons for children struggling to cope?

We have an extensive list of tutors that can assist your child with a specific subject or all subjects in general. Extra lessons for school can change the way your child feels about learning – be it languages or math, accounting or science, tutors are on hand to help.

Aftercare & homework supervision

Aftercare centres offer structured childcare for learners so that they are well cared for and constructively occupied while waiting for their parents. This may include homework supervision to assist your child and get the work done. Some aftercare centres may offer transport from schools to their centres and back home again.

Teacher and school resources

If you are a teacher you may find it useful in keeping with the times to browse through our teacher resources directory. We have companies that offer training, workshops, programs and books to support teachers. For educational tours or camps and shows at schools, we have companies that specialise in catering to these needs. Educational shows are popular to teach children about life skills and are always necessary.
You will find libraries and recreation centres, school supplies and sports equipment suppliers.

Begin your search

We hope we have helped to make your decision in finding the appropriate school for your child easier with our easy-to-use directory. For teachers, the resources we have advertised makes teaching all the more fun and fulfilling.