Covid 2, the second wave: a second opportunity

Covid 2 planning for 2021

Ki Dezemba! Covid 2: the second wave. A new genius rocks the boat.

Year after year, even the most disheveled of us have a New Years resolution. A plan. A dream. Desires. Jan 2020 was no different. But, the year had more to offer. Did we seize it? And, as though we didn’t learn enough, Jan 2021 is seeing the second wave peaking, with even more uncertainties, even more to get our minds ticking.

Covid 2 is a genius. Even smarter than the first. 

This microscopic being that has brought the world to its knees, has now stirred up a new personality. Even more interesting, is that some of it is unique to SA. Just when we thought we had it all figured out, Covid 2 outsmarted us. Suddenly:

  • Covid 2 is 70% more infectious
  • kids who were said to be less likely to be infected in Covid 1, are now testing positive in large numbers.
  • treatments are being questioned (the early use of cortisone, blood thinners, Trumps card in Zithromax, Ivermectin- the new buzz word, even if it has been banned)
  • Covid 1 was said to thrive in Winter. We are in the heat of Summer, of the festive season, wanting to be with family and friends after a horrible year.  Covid 2 is a genius. It knows that. And so it found a way around the heat and caught us almost off-guard.

Hospitals are being throttled to maximum capacity. Frontline workers have barely caught their breath. Small enterprises are just finding their footing. Many people are still learning to cope without their loved ones. But, its back. With a vengeance. And perhaps a second opportunity for us to take heed.

Covid 2 planning for 2021

The lessons

Level one lockdown took us by surprise. It changed the Game Plan for 2020. It changed us and it challenged our norms and systems, from school to the office and even the way we cook and dress. What have we learnt? Let’s introspect.

  1. We are powerless. Nothing is in our power. And we DONT have everything figured out. With its army, COVID conquered our world, questioning even the most resourceful. So let’s quit the OCD and learn to let go when we need.
  2. We need to be flexible.
    Plan, dream…set targets and goals. But, know you can change the plan in a jiffy if you need to. And trust in the bigger plan.
  3. We need to be human.
    An eyeopener indeed.. Lockdown has humbled us and taught us the plight of the less fortunate amongst us. We learnt empathy, we extended hands to families in isolation, to those whose finances and health were crippled, to those who lost loved ones, shared our schools with the homeless and so much more. We learnt to live without judgement. Without judging. But to just live.
  4. We learnt what’s important to us.
    Or did we? In Lockdown, we learnt about quality family time. We learnt about looking after what’s at home first before going on to save the world, about filling our own cup and nourishing our souls with spirituality, novels, home cooked meals, board games, sleep so we could pour more love onto humanity.  We learnt to separate our needs from our desires. We learnt to stop chasing everything the media tells us is good for us, but rather enjoy what we do have.
  5. We learnt about Fake news and the media.
    Not everything we hear is true. The pandemic has given birth to Whatsapp doctors, theologians, journalists, economists, teachers – all with an overnight degree and strongly opinionated. Check credentials! And Think before you react.
  6. We are responsible for our actions.
    And irresponsible with our negligence. By not practicing basic hygiene and taking other safety measures, we have put the lives of not only ourselves but many others at risk too.
  7. Love more. Laugh more. Live more.
    Life is so short. Quit the petty fights, forget the past, stop obsessing about the future, but do enjoy the here and now. Stay focused on your dream, but also learn to enjoy the moment and say I LOVE YOU more. How many of us would do anything to hold the hand of loved one now gone. Appreciate that.

(Inspired by Ml S Rawat)

2021 resolutions

2021 goals

As is at the end of every year, we have grown. Each test, each experience this year has left us more wholesome. We have learnt. We have scarred.

The second opportunity has now come for us to absorb it all, to change our New Years mantra, to find ourselves, and to make a difference. In our lives. In our kids lives. In SA. Let’s do this together.

An echo to our presidents speech, a plea mixed with emotion as Mr Cyril Ramaphosa said:

” We all have plans, hopes and dreams for 2021. Perhaps the greatest of them all is the simplest. We wish for the new year to bring better health, stability and prosperity for ourselves and our families. We want it to be better than the year that has passed, and that was filled with such hardship. This can become our common reality if we return to the spirit of solidarity that we have displayed throughout 2020. We can and will defeat this pandemic, but only if we each play our part.”

Stay home and Stay Safe.

Covid 2. Seize the moment.

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