Museum quality toys for kids

There are so many toys for kids that are of inferior quality these days. In fact it has become necessary to be very cautious when it comes down to making the inevitable choice. Why is this? Many of the problems have stemmed with goods that have originated in the Peoples’ Republic of China, and this has all boiled down to the fact that a few greedy men, not caring what happens at the other side of the world, have, in the past, lowered their standards and allowed such items as paint containing poisonous lead to be used in the production process.

But not all toys for kids are of inferior quality, indeed there are plenty of toy shops in the Gauteng area where you can find the type of toy that would meet with the approval of many a curator. Not all of those shops deal in new toys though, and a new type of store has recently shown its face in Johannesburg – the toy exchange. If you’ve got growing kids then you’ve almost certainly at one time of another wanted to get rid of all of those old toys that have been cast into a dark cupboard and forgotten. Gather them together, box them up and take them down to the nearest toy exchange.

The great thing about this type of shop is that they specialize in second hand toys for kids and they rarely accept toys that are shoddy or inferior in any way – why? Because no-one would purchase them, of course. Indeed, it is often possible for you to find brand new toys on their shelves. This can occur where a child has been give two identical toys or where a particular toy is just not appropriate for a specific child. None of Johannesburg’s individual toy shops can compete with Hamley’s in London’s Regent Street, but when put together they go a long way in the range and quality found there.

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