Kids' cooking classes

Kids love cooking! They love mixing things together it doesn't matter about the mess, it's the fun of it all! It's getting to try out the finished product. They love helping mom in the kitchen. But there's a problem if you're a working mom you sometimes just don't have the time or the patience to have the kids around you when you're trying to get the evening meal ready. So what do we do about it then? That's easy we send them out to one of those places where they have kids' cooking classes. Over the last few years several entrepreneurial cooks all around South Africa have opened up their homes to give kids' cooking classes. This includes several up here in Gauteng. At last there's somewhere where you can send the kids during the school holidays where they can enjoy themselves, learn something productive, and where you know they are in good hands.

Depending on the kids' cooking classes you choose, there are usually a number of other activities thrown in at no extra cost. For example, one establishment in Midrand includes such items as Safety in the kitchen, Measurements, How to combine different flavours and several other very important kitchen activities that kids actually love doing. So, the next time you're at a loss as to what to do with the kids during the school holidays, why not consider sending them off to one of those friendly places where they can learn to put their cooking skills together. You'll probably be surprised at some of the dishes or other culinary creations they bring home with them. Who knows, maybe they'll even get to teach you a thing or two about cooking. Several establishments are now also offering to host children's birthday parties but that's another story, and something to think about.

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