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Science / Tech.
Science / Tech.
Public Online Cisco Introductory Courses
datesDec 8-Jul 31
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Get connected:
Learn how to use a computer, connect devices, and access search, email, and social media. Enjoy course content that is very user-friendly and interactive with lots of illustrations! No prerequisite is required.
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Internet of Things:
Learn how IoT is changing the world and the IoT skills you will need to land a well-paying job
You will Learn These Core Skills:
• Learn how the current digital transformation is creating unprecedented economic opportunities.
• Understand how the IoT is bridging the gap between operational and information technology systems.
• Discover how standard business processes are being transformed.
• The security concerns that must be considered when implementing IoT solutions.
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Introduction to Cybersecurity:
explores cyber trends, threats—along with the broader topic of cybersecurity in a way that will matter to YOU. For instance, you will learn how to protect your personal privacy online while gaining additional insight into the challenges companies, and governmental and educational institutions face today. You will also earn a Networking Academy badge for completing this course. No prerequisites are required.
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Linux Unhatched:
NDG Linux Unhatched allows students to wade into the shallow end of Linux, the back-end operating system used by global titans such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, NASA, Tesla, Amazon, and more. Graduates walk away with a clear understanding of whether Linux is for them or not, without having to commit to more than 8 total hours of self-paced learning. To ensure you are not stuck, you will be guided step-by-step through a series of hands-on virtual machine activities. The course aligns well with the Linux exam objectives found on the CompTIA A+ Certification
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