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Geewiz - Online Magic Shows - May 11-Dec 31

Geewiz - Online Magic Shows
datesMay 11-Dec 31
contactSign up by email or Whatsapp/Call Gary or Carol on 082 226 7522/082 851 7595
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Geewiz will enthral you with his magical wizardry. His show is fully interactive where the magic happens right in front of you.

To enjoy the virtual show, you just need a laptop or tablet and a decent internet connection. Download “Zoom” and log in.

The show will be jam packed with lots of audience participation. The virtual magic show keeps the audience on the edge of their seats whilst laughing, gasping and screaming out for more! Geewiz ends his show with his famous cooking routine where he produces his bird (Snowy) and rabbit (Stella) for the child to see. Tell a friend.

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