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Sugar Bay Holiday Camps ( 7 dys)
datesEvery Sunday
venueSugar Bay Resort
timeArrival: 3pm
contactBook here by email or Call 0324853778
Tel: 032 485 3778
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Theme: My Kitchen Rules
Excursion: Ice Skating
Date: Jun 27 - Jul 4
This week is all about finding out what your kitchen skills are. There will be some friendly competition as well classes for you to improve your own skills. This week is all for all cooking levels including those who only know how to make toast to those who can make a perfect Crème Brûlée.

Theme: Mexico
Excursion: uShaka Marine World
Date: Jul 4-11
Mexico week is all about exploring the diversity that is Mexico. From fun street foods to colourful Festivals. The country is filled with loads of art and culture and will be exploring all of them from painting to dancing.

Theme: Stranger Things
Excursion: Camp Out
Date: Jul 11-18
Strangers things is all about making friends and living in the 80's, however not everything is as it seems. Sometimes your world may turn Upside-down and we get to explore that. This week is all about adventure fun and facing your fears.

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