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Magaliesburg Express

Departure 09:00am from the Johannesburg Main Station (Park Station) to Magaliesburg.
Arrival at Magaliesburg around 11.30am.
Departure from Magaliesburg 02.30pm to Johannesburg.
Arrival at Johannesburg at about 05.30pm

Irene Steam Special

Departure from Rhodesfield PRASA Station at 9:30
Arrival at Irene 10:30
Departure from Irene 14:30
Arrival at Rhodesfield PRASA Station about 15:30

Magaliesburg Express 2016:

* Adults R295
* Kids 4-12yrs R210
* Children under 4yrs R50
* SA pensioners R265

Irene Steam Special 2016:

* Adults R260
* Kids 4-12yrs R260
* Children under 4yrs R50
* SA pensioners R240

For bookings use:
or Cell. +27 (0) 62 743 9200
For any other contact use:
age All ages

Steam train rides

Come share the romance and the fun of a steam train ride with us! Relax while we take you out for the day on a leisurely run, perhaps to a restaurant, or a tourist venue, or simply a round trip into the scenic countryside. Reefsteamers is a volunteer group of steam enthusiasts who love steam engines, working on them, restoring them and of course, running them. We are based in the extensive old Steam Locomotive Sheds in Germiston - centrally placed to the rail network of Johannesburg. We earn money to support our club by running day trips for the South African Public and longer tours for local and overseas Steam Engine enthusiasts.

Our day trips spots is the Magaliesburg region and at Irne (Centurion) where there's much to see and do.
There are other trips and venues too - but you need to check our website for updates:

There's plenty of room for the kids on the train. We sell tuck, nibbles and cool drinks. There is a bar car too. The coaches all have electrical power, toilets and running water on board.

The steam train is hauled by one of our beautiful full-sized ex-South African Railway locomotives, of which we own eight. We show two of them in our photos below. For the railways minded, they are a Class 15CA (centre) and a Class 15F (right). Our trains are full lengthed from 10-15 coaches and run at proper main line speeds. These aren't toys but the real thing! Kids (and the not-so- kids) can get up close to the locomotives and even right up in the locomotive's cab, where our friendly staff and crews will happily talk about the locomotives which we love so much. We run on a professional basis and abide by all Spoornet regulations and safety rules. Before each trip, our locomotives and coaches are checked for safety by ex-Spoornet personnel, and for mechanical road worthiness by senior engineers. We may be volunteers, but we are not amateurs.


Magaliesburg Express:
Departure 09:00am from the Johannesburg Main Station (Park Station) to Magaliesburg.
Arrival at Magaliesburg around 11.30am.
Departure from Magaliesburg 02.30pm to Johannesburg.
Arrival at Johannesburg at about 05.30pm

Irene Steam Special:
Departure 09:30am from the Rhodesfield PRASA station to Irene.
Arrival at Irene around 10.30am.
Departure from Irene 02.30pm to Johannesburg.
Arrival at Johannesburg at about 03.30pm

The times shown for the trips are our scheduled times, which we try to meet on a best effort basis. Our well maintained coaches and locomotives rarely give trouble or cause breakdowns out on the open rails. However, we may be delayed on the Transnet lines depending on their traffic movements and the signalling thereof. Visit our Steam Train Trip Calendar page at
for specific trip dates, times and all details.

Costs of train rides

Magaliesburg Express:
* Adults R295
* Kids 4-12yrs R210
* Children under 4yrs R50.
* SA pensioners R265

Irene Steam Special:
* Adults R240
* Kids 4-12yrs R200
* Children under 4yrs R50
* SA pensioners R220

- Cost of the venue or restaurant is to your own account.
- Private train coupé / compartment / coach available
- For private train hire: please contact

Our operating dates and destinations in 2014:

(Mag) = Magaliesburg Express / (Ir) = Irene Steam special

2016 January: 30. (Mag)
2016 February: 06. (Mag) / 27. (Ir)
2016 March: 05. (Mag) / 21. (Mag) / 26. (Ir)
2016 April: 02. (Mag) / 07. (Ir) / 28. (Ir)
2016 May: 03. (Mag) / 31. (Ir)
2016 June: 04. (Mag) / 25. (Ir)
2016 July: 23. Winter Photo / 30. Winter Open Day
2016 August: 27. (Ir)
2016 September: 03. (Mag) / 24. (Ir)
2016 October: 01. (Mag) / 15. Summer Open Day / 29. (Ir)
2016 November: 05. (Mag) / 19. (Mag) / 26. (Ir)
2016 December: 03. (Mag) / 10. (Ir) / 16. (Mag)/ 17. (Mag)

Upcoming Events

Reefsteamers train trips - Oct 29, Nov 5, 19, 26, Dec 3
Click here to view event details
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Submitted on Wednesday, 1st April 2015 at 11:54:27 AM  
We went on the Magalies Express on 21 Mar 2015. Due to (apparently)a sequence of Transnet issues, the train was delayed for 1hr 25 min on departure and a further 1hr 15 min on return. Waiting in the depths of Park Station with the smell of urine burning our nostrils for all that time, plus 3 kids under the age of 5 years - not fun. Driving home through town at 8pm (instead of the scheduled 5:30) with small kids in the car - not fun. Plus a whole bunch of other issues. But what really upset me was the snotty and sarcastic reply that I received from Reefsteamers. I would recommend this experience for the avid, passionates; but not for those with young kids.

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