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Experimental science education

For over 18 years Nutty Scientists® have developed hands-on, spectacular and interactive activities with the children´s participation as a constant goal, without losing one bit of scientific accuracy.

Our methodology has been successfully implemented in countries such as France, Holland, Spain, Egypt, USA and Italy with more than 9 million schoolchildren having benefited.

Our mission

- To teach Science using hands-on entertainment as a tool.
- To enrich the current educational framework ensuring a solid foundation for future generations.
- To promote good health and environmental awareness.
- To implement experimentation as a learning tool.
- To stimulate the scientific process as a way to learn and discover (Observe, Describe, Think, Test and Try).
- To educate and entertain simultaneously.
- To encourage the participation of the children and develop self-esteem.

In-school program

These activities take place during school hours and complement science topics children are studying at school. Every year we provide schools with lots of activities. The workshops are organized based on student’s age starting from “Little Scientists” to “Scientific Experts”.

After school/extra mural program

Nutty Scientists™ After School Programs are available to public and private schools, as well as associations. These hands-on activities offer great learning value and encourage the participation of children. Our nutty scientists are trained to simultaneously entertain and educate the children.

Scientific shows

These shows are designed to awaken the curiosity and imagination of the children with experiments performed by our Nutty Scientists.


Camps are a surprising and innovative form of entertainment and education. Combining fun with learning, each workshop at the camp contains an educational component or theme that keeps children interested. One theme is learned every day, and all the activities are related to this theme, therefore children stay focused on one subject matter at a time solidifying the concept.

Science themed birthday parties

Have a memorable birthday party filled with wacky experiments and some experience fun! Choose from one of our nutty birthday themes to have an explosive good time! Each scientific theme guarantees one hour of entertainment. Pick from our add-ons to extend the fun and make the party unforgettable.

Awareness campaigns

For many years Nutty Scientists™ has been developing and designing campaigns that focus on bringing awareness on important issues of life. These campaigns will help children be more conscious about the environment and the world they live in. Some examples are Energy conservation, Road Safety and Oral hygiene.

Upcoming Events

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Submitted on Thursday, 3rd September 2015 at 01:53:02 PM  
My daughter (9) had a great time at Nutty Scientists holiday programme. She was so excited and inspired by the experiments. Couldn't wait to repeat them for us at home. Plenty of scientist supervisors kept all of the kids engaged (and safe). Thanks Nutties - see you next holiday

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