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age From 6 years - 18 years old

We need your help for Twilight Children to be able to return to the status they were before

No children and youth deserve to be on the streets.

Sadly because of the changes in the Children’s Act 2005 we are no longer allowed to directly rescue boys from the streets .The act only allows us to accept boys who have been through Child DSD (Who are at present inundated with homeless children) sadly the children who are Refugees who have fled THE DANGERS in their country also suffer as many come without the Correct Documents. Their only option at times, is the streets.

Boys from the shelter have been sent home by the Department of Social Development. Their emphasis is on reuniting children and parents, which is not always viable for the destitute. One of the reasons for Development sending the children home is because the parents get a grant from the DSD and Twilight Children get paid a similar amount so the DSD now has to pay double for each boy. Refugee children also suffer as it takes for them to acquire the correct papers.

In all seriousness, who can bring up educate, feed and house a child on that small amount?
In the past with cases where parents had been located, and the homes were safe, The Twilight shelter would send boys home on the weekend with food parcels. If the parents and homes were safe and there were schools nearby T C would help them. (Uniforms, stationery shoes etc.)

The reasons for the children being in the streets are poverty, Informal settlements, violence, have no electricity and a lack of computers, parents themselves are sometimes illiterate, and sadly it’s not easy to assist a child with their at homework.

The boys were subsidized before by the Department of Social Development Children have a library, IT center skills training centers and sports. We have volunteers from the Universities to help with homework. We also provided uniforms and stationery and clothing bedding and food.

In 1983 The Twilight Children Shelter began as an outreach centre, feeding children and those in need. The Twilight Children home seeks to restore the dignity of the children, living and working in the streets, by giving them the tools that will allow them to have sustainable fruitful lives as part of the bigger South African community. .

At the Twilight children shelter, we house boys from 8-18, we had 50 boys registered in school this year, which is no longer relevant as now we are down to 20 boys, our capacity is 106.

We have many of our boys now in tertiary education. In 2015 there were four 4 successful matriculates. Four of our youths are at Johannesburg University. One studies LLB another Economics, Art and the other Engineering. They are now in their 5th year 2016. Twilight Children NPO, remain responsible for these boys.

More than 12 million South Africans live in extreme poverty

Twenty-four per cent of working age people are unemployed and youth unemployment is the third highest in the world. 1994 South Africa became the Rainbow nation –children born at that time are now close to 22 years old, many are still not educated and they are not qualified to apply for a job. Those on the street are unkempt and dirty which is not conducive to finding a job. Their time is spent foraging for food, going through trash in the streets “panda” (hustle) , beg , steal, open to sexual abuse, drugs, many traumas of the streets and potentially becoming criminals. They are in jeopardy. The future of any country is reliant on the future of their children.

Most of the boys we have had to send home are all back on the streets, the saddest sight I have ever seen is The empty Twilight Children’s Home, and at the moment, the boys who were at the shelter are now sleeping on the streets near the home, that was once there sanctuary. These boys should have gone to school this year.

Restricting The Twilight Children NPO in their endeavors’ to educate these children is stopping the children’s future.

Many of the staff have consequently been retrenched, so adding more to the poverty of our country.

The subsidy from the DSD now is very little.
The Social Development Department, are no longer funding any of the following projects these following projects had to close down:
The Twilight skills training program comprised of beadwork, pottery, baking, IT, gym, soccer & other sports. This skill training course was open also to our local community so they too can earn some money. One of the boys who was dumped at The Twilight Children Shelter at the age of 8 years won a bursary to study pottery making in Japan, eventually, he was running the asl fought back and eventually in apartheid times managed to buy the buildings we are now in. I’d like to invite you to come and have a look at our impressive facilities, not being used to full potential.

The children are sent to us only by the DSD and the Department of Child protection.

I will do whatever I can to stop the ruining of the children of South Africa’s future, particularly, the children of The Twilight Children home. This is a very distressing situation for me but not as distressing as it is for the boys now sleeping on the streets.

I realize something needs to be done about child trafficking, however handicapping those charities that are trying to care for these displaced children by rescuing them from the streets

Twilight Children own the buildings they are occupying at 35 van der Merwe St. corner Claim Hillbrow Johannesburg

Thank you for helping the Twilight Children in the past, we now however need support to save the T C to carry on as before.

Our children are endangered

Thank you

Wish List

Help us help others by donating any of the following items:
- Items always needed:
1. Shoes / Takkies
2. Underwear
3. Blankets
4. Clothing in general
5. Soccerkit & Balls

- Groceries:
Meat-Chicken, Beef & Fish
Maize Meal / Rice
Amasi / Margarine / Butter
Cooking Oil / Soup Packets
Fruit & Vegetables

- Education:
School uniforms
School Shoes /Socks
School Bags
School Jerseys / Blazers
School Tracksuits
Sports Takkies

- School Accessories:
Maths instruments
Calculator Scientific
Rulers /Glue sticks/Scissors

- Clothing:
T-Shirts/ Shirts
Trousers / Jeans
Scarfs/ Hats/ Caps

- Blankets/Duvets/Mattresses

- Hygiene/Cleaning:
Toilet paper /Refuse Bags
Domestos / Bleach
Machine Washing Soap
Brooms / Mops & Buckets
Handy Andy / Sunlight Liquid
Drain Cleaner

- Toiletries:
Bath soaps
Deodorants / Roll-on
Lotion / Camphor cream
Toothpaste / Toothbrushes
Personal Towels – Face/Bath

- Kitchen Material & Cleaning:
Kitchen towels-Cloth
Kitchen pot-scourer
Cups/Plates Multi Section
Industrial Pots
Serving Spoons/Knives
Cutting Boards

- Other:
Petrol and Diesel
Welding Work
Doors / Door Handles /Paints
Tools /Ladders /Screwdrivers
Car Service VW Polo / Opel
Corsa / Nyathi Minibus

- Skills development:
Beads Project
Old jeans/Denims to recycle
(we make bags & Cushions)
Glass Beads and jewellery
Beads various
Pottery Project
Paints for all art work

Major expenses we incur every year:
Nutrition 550 000
Children's Expenses 120 000
Senior Boys Assistance 140 000
Electricity & Rates 380 000
Repairs &Maintenance 145 000
Fuel &Vehicle Repairs 80 000

“Twilight Children Projects have proved to be a positive answer in crime prevention”
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